Trusted Agent Program (TAG) Overview and List

The Trusted Agent Program (TAG) is a distributed account provisioning service that allows divisions and sometimes departments and institutes to provision various account services to incoming University members as well as to contractors, consultants, affiliates, and others who are doing the work of the University without a direct employee relationship.

Trusted Agent List

Trusted Agents are able to provide distributed account services only to the group with which they are affiliated. If you or your department needs TAG services, please go to the Trusted Agent List page and locate your Trusted Agent.

TAG Service Types

Pre-Feed Accounts

Advance account services may be provisioned to eligible faculty and staff until information that verifies their official status is received from Human Resources, the Office of the Provost, or representatives of affiliated organizations. Students are not eligible for services via the Trusted Agent program. 

Temporary Accounts

Temporary account services may be established for consultants, contractors, and others who are doing the work of the University but are not directly employed by the University. These individuals are ineligible for regular account services, but may be granted Temporary accounts by the Trusted Agents from the groups with which they are affiliated. 

Guest Network Access

Access to a wireless network, independent from campus resources, is provided to individuals and large groups on a temporary basis so that they may have convenient access to the web and email while on campus. All full-time, benefits-eligible, faculty, other academic appointees, and staff are eligible to sponsor individual guests on the Guest Network, but Trusted Agents may provide access to large groups of guests for meetings, conferences, and events.


For those whose formal affiliation with UChicago has ended while they still need to continue or wrap-up specific work, Extend provides wireless network access and email forwarding services.


For academic appointees who have successive, short-term (less than a full year) appointments, Bridging provides full, uninterrupted account services for the times between appointments for up to three quarters.

More Resources

If you are a Trusted Agent and are looking for more information, view the Program Guide. You may also contact the Trusted Agent Admin Team at