Delegating Workday Action Items and Tasks


This document provides employees directions on how to delegate Workday actions and tasks to a designee who can manage them on their behalf.

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Keep in Mind

· Setting up a delegation allows another employee to complete Inbox tasks and/or initiate business processes on your behalf.

· You can specify the period for which you would like the delegation to be effective, as well as the specific business processes you want performed on your behalf.

· An employee should only delegate their tasks to someone who holds a similar role within their Supervisory Organization (e.g., Budget Partners can delegate their role to an HR Partner in the same organization). If there is another individual in your organization that holds the same role as you (e.g., both are the HR Partners for your organization), you do not need to set up delegation since all the same tasks will appear in their Inbox.

· Delegating an action/task is not the same as reassigning a task. If an employee sets up a delegation, every single task (for the specified process types, if any are specified) that hits their inbox will be automatically redirected to the designee during the given timeframe. On the other hand, reassigning a task, applies only to a single, specific task and does not happen automatically.


1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. Type “My Delegations” in the search box at the top of the screen and select the suggested report of the same name that appears below the search box. You can also navigate to your Inbox by selecting the mail icon in the top-right corner of the page, then select the drop-down arrow button located on the left-side of the page (next to the Viewing: and Sort By: drop-down menus) and choose My Delegations.

3. The screen My Delegations will show up. There are 5 tabs in this screen:

a. Current Delegations – It shows any active delegations.

b. Current Task Delegations – Here you can see a list of all delegated tasks that have not yet been completed.

c. Delegation History – This is a log of delegations, both active and inactive, for your profile.

d. Delegated Tasks – It displays all tasks that a designee has completed on your behalf.

e. Business Processes allowed for Delegation – It is an exhaustive list of all business processes that may be delegated.

4. To add or update an existing delegation:

a. Select the Manage Delegations button located under the Current Delegations tab.

b. Enter a Begin Date (it cannot be prior to the date you are entering the delegation) and an End Date for the delegation.

c. In the Delegate field, enter the name of a person (or more than one person) to whom you will delegate. You can also use the Hamburger Menu (the icon with 3 dots and 3 lines) to search for names.

d. Using the Hamburger Menu within the Start On My Behalf section, choose one or more business processes you would like your designee to be able to initiate on your behalf. This field is OPTIONAL, and you can leave it blank.

e. To delegate action items and tasks assigned to you so that someone else has the ability to see and act on them on your behalf, go to the section Do Inbox Tasks On My Behalf, and select one of the following choices:

i. For all Business Processes.

ii. For Business Process – Select the Hamburger Menu and choose the specific business processes from a pre-populated list.

iii. None of the above – Choose this option if you wish to have no one act on tasks that come to your Workday Inbox.

f. Check the box Retain Access to Delegated Tasks in Inbox, if you want both you and your designee to have the ability to view and complete any action items or tasks assigned to you. If you don’t check the box, you will not have access to the Inbox items chosen in the delegation, for the duration of the specified date range. Inbox items are archived upon completion, so you will not have to worry about duplicating efforts.

g. Use the Hamburger Menu within the Delegation Rule section, ONLY if you want to specify which Supervisory Organizations you do or do not want to delegate tasks for. Otherwise, you can leave this field blank. You have 2 options:

i. NOT Supervisoy Org and Superior Orgs for Human Resources - Delegation Rule – Choose this option to specify which organizations you do NOT want to delegate tasks for.

ii. Supervisoy Org and Superior Orgs for Human Resources - Delegation Rule – If you want to specify which organizations you DO want to delegate for, select this option.

h. To create additional unique delegations, insert new rows by selecting the Plus (+) icon.

i. Once completed, hit the Submit button. Please note that all delegation requests require approval from the Workday Solutions team. If your designee does not have a confidentiality agreement on file, they will need to complete one. Please refer to the Uploading Documents to Your Profile in Workday Knowledge Base Article to add this document to the worker’s profile.

j. Select the Done button to complete the process.

k. You will receive a Workday notification letting you know if your request was approved or denied. If the delegation is not approved, reach out to the Workday Solutions team to get more information about the denial.

5. To cancel or change an existing delegation:

a. If the delegation is approved, you can modify the dates, tasks, and other information, and you can add new delegates or remove delegates.

i. Select the Manage Delegations button on the My Delegations page.

ii. Modify the delegation as you like or select the Minus (-) icon to delete it altogether.

iii. Select Submit.

b. If the delegation is not approved yet, you can only cancel it.

i. Select the Delegation History tab on the My Delegations page.

ii. Select the Related Actions icon of the delegation that is “In Progress”.

iii. Select Business Process and choose Cancel.

iv. Enter a comment and select Submit.