Switching Primary Jobs in Workday


This document informs Human Resource Partners (HRP’s) how to switch a primary job in Workday. This document discusses the process for Staff, Temporary, Seasonal, Student, Academic, and Faculty workers.

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Keep in Mind


· To switch a primary job, the worker must have more than one active job in Workday.

· The following information is needed to complete the Switch Primary Job business process:

· Worker’s Name

· Proposed Primary Job

· The Effective Date must align to the start date of the next pay period, based on the workers’ pay group (bi-weekly or monthly). View payroll schedules here.

· This business process is common for Student employees, though Staff, Seasonal, Temporary, and Academic employees can hold more than one job that can require a primary job switch.

Student Employees

· If the student has a Federal Work Study (FWS) position, the FWS position must be the primary job. If more than one FWS position is held, choose the position with the farthest end date as the primary job.

· If the student has a teaching position, choose the teaching position with the farthest end date as the primary job.

· If the student has multiple positions and the existing primary position has expired (an End Date in the past), choose an active position with the farthest End Date as the primary job.

· REMINDER: Once the expired position has been made secondary, use the Ending an Additional Job in Workday Knowledge Base article to end the expired position.

· A wage-earning position should always be the primary job over a non-wage earning position unless the non-wage earning position is the only position held. The following positions are considered non-wage earning positions:

· Stipend Alien Non-Employee

· Stipend Domestic Non-Employee

· Student Reimbursement Recipient

· Metcalf Fellowship Recipient

Academic & Faculty Employees

· Academic and Faculty employees should not hold additional jobs therefore this business process is not applicable. In the rare circumstance that an Academic or Faculty employee holds more than one job that requires a primary job switch, the Provost’s Office will manage the process.

Switching a Primary Job Steps

1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. Navigate to the Worker’s Profile by typing their name or another unique identifier (Chicago ID, SSN, Employee ID, etc.) in the search box at the top of the screen. Select the appropriate suggested record that appears below the search box, or press Enter to run the complete search, and find the right employee.

a. Use the prefixes worker: or id: to refine the search results. For details on how to use prefixes, review the Workday Search Prefixes Knowledge Base Article.

3. Within the Worker’s Profile, select the Actions button under the worker’s name and title, hover over Job Change, and select Switch Primary Job.

4. A new window will appear. Under the Date and Reason section, select the pencil icon to edit. Using the hamburger menu (icon with three dots and three dashes) select the Reason. Using the calendar icon, select the Effective Date.

a. Select the checkmark in the top-right corner of the section to save your changes.

5. Under the Proposed Primary Job section, if the Proposed Primary Job field does not pre-populate, input the applicable job using the hamburger menu.

6. Once all fields are complete, select Submit.

a. For Student workers, the process routes to a Student Employment Administrator for approval.

b. For Staff, Temporary, and Seasonal workers, the process routes to HR Operations for approval.