Requesting Corrections to Business Processes in Workday for Academic HRP's


This document explains how Academic Human Resource Partners (HRPs) can request corrections to business processes completed in Workday.

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Keep in Mind:

· This document is for Academic Human Resource Partners only.

· Non-Academic HRPs, please refer to the corresponding business processes Knowledge Base Article for instructions on how to make corrections or contact Shared Services. Shared Services can be reached at 773-702-5800 or by submitting a Service Now ticket through Ask an HR Question.


Corrections to Previously Entered Compensation

· If requesting a correction to the compensation entered during a Hire or Change Job process, email Chris Marrie with the below information. For example, if a new employee negotiates a higher salary than was initially entered.

· Subject line: Compensation Correction

· Worker name

· Workday ID or Chicago ID

· Current compensation

· Proposed compensation (monthly amount)

· Attach the offer letter and/or approval

· Do not email or Carbon Copy (CC) anyone besides Chris Marrie.

· Note, in-progress compensation changes cannot be corrected. Request the process be sent back instead.

Corrections to Other Data

· If requesting any other type of correction, email Chris Marrie with the below information. Other correction examples include changes to Start Date, Job Profile, Appointment End Date, etc.

· Subject line: Position/Appointment Correction

· Must attach approval if necessary (e.g. date change)

· Worker name

· Workday ID or Chicago ID

· Current value

· Proposed value

· For whatever change being requested, include both the information that is currently in Workday, and the proposed correction. (For example, if the incorrect job profile was selected during a promotion, include both the current job profile and the job profile it should be instead.)

· For start date changes outside of BSD, use the established process. This template should not be used to request a change to an employee’s start date.

· Notification is sent if any additional information is needed for the correction.