Changing my Work Space in Workday


This document provides employees directions on how to change their work space in Workday.

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Keep in Mind

· A location is defined as a building, and a work space is an occupiable room in a building (it can be an office, cubicle, lab, or other campus work location).

· If you have multiple positions assigned, you should indicate a work space for each of those roles.

· If you have more than one work space for only one position, indicate the work space where you are locate most often.

· You will need to know your exact work space location (building and room number) to complete this process.

· With hybrid or fully remote work options, it is imperative that worker location is entered correctly in Workday.


1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. In the search box at the top of the screen, type “Change My Work Space”, and select on the suggested task that appears below the search box.

3. A dialog box will pop up. Effective Date, Position and Location will auto-populate.

a. If your location is incorrect or set to a general option such as “Illinois” or “Hyde Park Campus,” you will not be able to select the correct work space.

b. You will know that your location is set to a general option when you don’t have any alternatives to choose from in the Work Space prompt box (the system will show No items or you will get a No matches found message when you try to enter a work space).

c. Please contact your HR Partner to change your location before moving forward with the next steps.

d. If you have more than one position, you need to use the Hamburger Menu (the icon with 3 dots and 3 dashes) to the right of the Position prompt box to select the job for which you want to change the work space.

4. Use the Hamburger Menu to the right of the Work Space prompt box to find your place.

a. Depending on the work space types configured for the specific location, the options displaying after selecting the Hamburger Menu will be different. Some alternatives can be: Work Spaces by Floor, Work Spaces by Office, Work Spaces by Shop, Work Spaces by Library, Work Spaces by Health Care.

b. You can also search by room number. Type the room number into the Work Space field and press Enter.

5. Once you have found your work space, select Submit to save your preferences, and select Done to complete the process.