Requesting a Leave of Absence in Workday


This document provides HR Partners (HRPs) directions on how to request a Leave of Absence (LOA) in Workday. This document discusses the process for Staff and Academic workers.

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Keep in Mind

· After submitting a leave of absence request, a Leave Administrator will determine employee eligibility based on the information provided.

· If the Estimated Last Day of Leave date changes, contact the Leave of Absence Administration team at for approval before updating it in the system. The Return Worker from Leave business process will automatically kick off on the date listed in this field therefore it must be accurate.

· If the LOA is due to a qualifying life event (e.g. birth/adoption) and the employee wishes to enroll child(ren) in a University of Chicago medical plan; this must be done within 31 days of the date of birth/adoption using Workday. The employee has 31-days to complete any qualified life event benefit changes in Workday, as well.

· To complete this business process you will need to know the following:

· Last Day Worked

· First Day of Leave

· Estimated Last Day of Leave

· Accruals forecast from UC Time

· If Leave is for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Official FMLA form completed by employee

· For Academic Workers: Memo signed by the Chair and Dean with the financial and other terms of the leave

· At least one supporting document is required.

· If the Leave of Absence is for FMLA, upload the completed federal FMLA form.

· For academic workers, upload a copy of the signed memo from their Chair and Dean with the terms of the leave agreement.

· For personal leaves of absence, upload a brief justification for the Leave.

· If it is for any other leave, work with the Leave Administrator to determine which documents are required.

· Do not upload any personal medical information about the worker.

· Academic Workers:

· The Office of the Provost handles all Academic Leaves, until/unless the leave becomes Long Term Disability. As an HRP, make sure to

· Email the LOA admin team to let them know someone is on an unpaid LOA. This is so the employee can be billed for their benefits.

· Make sure to reinstate the worker from EACH leave event before adding a new leave event.

· There are three distinct Leave Types for Academic workers:

· (Paid) Partial Pay Academic Leave (in Paid Leave of Absence category)

· If a portion of the leave is paid and the other is not, be sure the Leave Type indicates Paid or Partial Pay, as appropriate.

· Paid Academic Leave (in Paid Leave of Absence category)

· If a portion of the leave is paid and the other is not, be sure the Leave Type indicates Paid or Partial Pay, as appropriate.

· Unpaid Academic Leave (in Unpaid Leave of Absence category)

· Only use if the entire leave is unpaid.

· If a leave is accompanied by a Stop-The-Clock, refer to the Managing Academic Appointments in Workday Knowledge Base Article to navigate to update the Reason associated with the employee’s Primary Academic Appointment.

· When selecting a Reason, choose from the Stop The Clock category and select the most appropriate Reason.

· The Academic HR Administrator or Academic Leave Administrator will adjust the appointment dates in accordance with the agreed-upon terms of the Leave of Absence.


1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. Navigate to the Employee’s Profile by typing their name or another unique identifier (Chicago ID, SSN, Employee ID, etc.) in the search box at the top of the screen. Click on the appropriate suggested record that appears below the search box, or press Enter to run the complete search, and find the right employee.

a. Use the prefixes worker: or id: to refine the search results. For details on how to use prefixes, review the Workday Search Prefixes Knowledge Base Article.

3. Within the Employee’s Profile, click on the Actions button under the employee’s name and title to display the menu of available Actions. Hover over Time and Leave and click on Place Worker on Leave.

4. The Place Worker on Leave screen will display.

a. Use the calendar icon to select the Last Day of Work.

i. If this field is left blank it will default to the date prior to the First Day of Leave.

b. Use the calendar icon to enter the First Day of Leave.

c. Use the calendar icon to add the Estimated Last Day of Leave.

i. If the reason for LOA is an ongoing condition, enter a date 6 months out from the First Dat of Leave.

d. Use the hamburger menu (icon with three dots and three dashes) and choose the default Leave Type by selecting Leaves and then Leaves > Employee Staff Request.

i. IMPORTANT: Add detailed information about the LOA request in the Comment box. The LOA administrator team will determine the appropriate Leave Type based on the information provided in the Comment box.

e. After selecting Leave Type a new Leave Reason field will populate. Select the most appropriate Leave Reason.

f. Documentation is required. Click Supporting Documents to expand the section and add at least one attachment.

i. Within the Supporting Documents table select the plus-sign to add a row.

ii. In the new row choose Attach and use the file explorer to add any supporting documents.

1. Add as many rows as needed to attach all supporting documents.

g. Select Submit.

5. If another window with a Review button populates, select the button to be brought into the Review Leave of Absence Request screen. Review the LOA details and supporting document(s) and select Approve to route the process to the Leave Administrator (or Academic HR Administrator for Academic workers).

6. If the worker going on leave holds any Workday roles, after the Leave Administrator approves the leave request, an Assign Roles for Leave Request task will route to the HRP’s Workday inbox to re-assign or remove roles. Once applicable changes are made, click Submit to complete the process.

7. For academic workers, if Leave Type is Partial Pay Academic Leave or Paid Academic Leave then a Request Compensation Change for Leave of Absence task will route to the HRP’s Workday inbox.

a. If Leave Type is Paid Academic Leave, click Skip within this task.

b. If Leave Type is Partial Pay Academic Leave:

i. Within the Request Compensation Change for Leave of Absence task, under Effective Date & Reason, click the pencil icon to edit and add the Reason of Request Compensation Change > Adjustment > Adjustment for Leave of Absence.

ii. This will change the compensation amount for the time of the leave.

1. IMPORTANT: Changing compensation will change the employee’s benefit premiums, Life Insurance, & Long-Term Disability calculations. The compensation change should trigger a task for the LOA admin team to update the Benefits Annual Rate. Double check this task has routed to the LOA Admin team by viewing the Process tab located under the Details and Process section of the confirmation window that appears after submitting the Request Compensation Change step.