Viewing Worker History in Workday


This document provides HR Partners (HRPs) directions on how to find and view Worker History in Workday.

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Keep in Mind

· Worker History refers to the historical record of actions associated with specific business processes taken on an employee. This information will be saved and is viewable on any worker in Workday.

· Worker History shows step by step information of every business process, including the task, step, status, completed on date, due date, and the individual/role in which the process was completed or is awaiting action.


1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. Navigate to the Employee’s Profile by typing their name or another unique identifier (Chicago ID, SSN, Employee ID, etc.) in the search box at the top of the screen. Select the appropriate suggested record that appears below the search box, or press Enter to run the complete search, and find the right employee.

a. Use the prefixes worker: or id: to refine your search results. For details on how to use prefixes, review the Workday Search Prefixes Knowledge Base Article.

3. Within the Employee’s Profile, select Job on the left-side of the page, and go to the Worker History tab.

4. From the Worker History tab, you can view all business processes transactions for the employee. Select the Related Actions icon (the icon made of a small rectangle with three dots in the middle) to the right of the name of a particular business process to see further detail.

5. To see the business processes listed by category, select the View Worker History by Category button.

6. On the View Worker History by Category screen, choose the tab you would like to review. The information will be displayed grouped in any of these topics: Staffing, Organization, Personal Data, Compensation, Time Off and Leave, Goals and Reviews, Benefits and Payroll.

a. Any items with a blue hyperlink can be selected to view further information.

7. After selecting on a blue hyperlink to see a business process, the View Event screen will display. The Overall Status will indicate whether the final approval for the business process has been completed (status will read Successfully Completed) or whether it is still In Process.

8. Select the Process tab to view the detailed business process history. All the steps that have been completed as part of the business process will be listed under this tab, as well as the time/date when they were completed, and the individual who did it. To view pending steps, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Remaining Process button.