Submitting a Monthly Time Off Confirmation in Workday


This document provides monthly-paid workers directions on how to submit a Monthly Time Off Confirmation in Workday.

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Keep in Mind

· This process is intended for monthly exempt workers only.

· Exempt employees must report all absences taken in the month or confirm that no absences were taken using Monthly Time Off Confirmation.

· Prior to completing the Monthly Time Off Confirmation, all absences for the month in question must be entered in the calendar.

· Only full-day absences should be reported for exempt employees.


1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. From the Home page, select Menu located in the top-left corner. Under the Apps tab, select Time Off.

3. Within the Time Off application, under the Request section, select Time Off.

4. The monthly calendar will display. Confirm that all time off requests have been entered into the calendar. Then, select the last day of the month, and select the 1 Day - Request Time Off button.

5. In the Request Time Off window, complete the following fields:

a. When – auto-fills

b. Type – Use the hamburger menu (icon with three dots and three dashes) to select Monthly Time Off Confirmation

c. Daily Quantity – auto-fills to 1 after Type is added

i. Note: Every monthly user will receive a daily quantity of 1 for their Monthly Time Off Confirmation. The Daily Quantity is just an indicator that the task is being completed and will not deduct from accruals. Do not change this value.

d. Unit of Time – auto-fills to Hour after Type is added

e. Reason – field will appear after Type is added. Use the hamburger menu to choose Select this to confirm all time off requests have been submitted for this month.

f. Comment – optional

6. Select Submit to complete the process.