Guidelines for Federal Work Study in Workday


This document provides guidance to Human Resource Partners (HRPs) on Federal Work Study (FWS) as it relates to the creation of FWS positions and the hiring or adding an additional job for FWS positions.

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Keep in Mind

· Federal Work-Study is a federally funded program that provides part-time jobs to students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay educational expenses.

· Federal Work Study positions are only available for the Sub-Worker Type of Student.

· When a student has a Federal Work Study position, that position must always be the primary job.

· If the FWS position is not primary, refer to the Switching Primary Jobs in Workday Knowledge Base Article to make the FWS position primary.

· If a student has more than one Federal Work Study position, the position with the furthest end date will be primary.

· When a Federal Work Study position ends or the student has reached their FWS limit, the position must be ended. Refer to the Ending an Additional Job in Workday Knowledge Base Article for further instructions.

· FWS Limits and eligibility is stored in PowerFaids. However, the FWS limit pulls from PowerFaids and is stored in Workday as a Pay Balance once a student worker fills the position.

· Once a student has reached the limit of their Federal Work Study award, the department will be charged the full salary of the position.

· A non-FWS position can be added once the FWS position is ended so the student can continue employment.

· An email will be sent to inform the department once the student is under $500 for their Work Study award funding. Each pay period the department will be notified until the award is fully exhausted.

· Below is a table of current wage splits differentiating between FWS funding and UChicago funding.

Wage Splits


Federal Work-study Share

Department Share

Reading & Math Tutors



Community Service



General Positions



Identifying Federal Work Study Students

· Students must be awarded Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package to be eligible for the program.

· Students who are not eligible for Federal Work-Study positions in Workday are as follows:

· A student who is on any type of leave of absence or is serving a disciplinary suspension

· Foreign National students

· Students on extended status

· Students registered less than ½ time

· Students can determine Federal Work Study fund availability by contacting the Office of Financial Aid at 773-702-8666 or via the following email addresses:

· Undergraduates -  

· Graduates -

· HRPs can determine Federal Work Study fund availability by emailing Jess Kelly (

Employment Authorization Form (Federal Work Study Form)

· An Employment Authorization Form, or FWS Authorization Form, is required when hiring or adding a job for a FWS student.

· Students can access the FWS form from the UChicago Portal or from the Office of Financial Aid.

· Students must bring a copy of their FWS form and award letter to each Federal Work Study interview.

· If a student holds more than one FWS position then they need a FWS form for each FWS position held.

· The following fields must be pre-populated on the form:

· Name

· Student ID

· Date of Birth

· Award Amount

· Sex

· The academic year at the top of the FWS form must be for the current academic year.

· Information on the form should match the information entered in Workday. (i.e., Start Employment Date, End Employment Date, Scheduled Hours Per Week, Job Location, etc.)

· HRPs upload the completed form into Workday during the Hire, Change Job, and Add Additional Job business processes.

· Make sure the form is complete! It should be completed, signed, and dated by the student worker and departmental manager before it is sent to the HRP.

Creating Federal Work Study Positions

· The Job Posting Title on the position must indicate Federal Work Study. This can be achieved by beginning or ending the Job Posting Title with Federal Work Study or using the abbreviation FWS.

· For example, FWS – Front Desk Clerk or Front Desk Clerk – Federal Work Study

· When creating a FWS position, the Job Family needs to be Work Study and the Job Profile must be one of the following:

· Work Study - Other (Biweekly) - W94000

· Work Study - Community Service - W94500

· Work Study - Reading Tutors - W94601

· Work Study - Math Tutors - W94602

· Work Study - Research - W94002

Filling Federal Work Study Positions

· Anytime a FWS position is filled (whether through the Hire, Add Job, or Change Job business process), the FWS form must be attached.

· If the student has a record in Workday, refer to the Adding an Additional Job in Workday Knowledge Base Article to initiate the appropriate process.

· If the student does not have a record in Workday, refer to the Hiring Employees from a Non-Competitive Search in Workday Knowledge Base Article to initiate the appropriate process.

· During the Hire process, the Scheduled Weekly Hours must accurately reflect the hours worked per week by the student and the hours entered on the Federal Work Study Form.

· Federal Work Study funds can only be allocated in current and future pay periods. No retroactive charges can be made to FWS accounts.