Requesting Lab Tuition Remission in Workday


This document provides eligible employees directions on how to request Lab tuition remission in Workday.

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Keep in Mind

· Please see the University’s Educational Assistance Plan for tuition remission eligibility information.

· Lab tuition benefits and billing info can be found at Tuition Benefits & Billing.

· Your child’s enrollment at Lab for the coming academic year must be confirmed prior to completing the tuition remission benefits form.

· Please visit UChicago Intranet | Benefits for more information about educational assistance.


1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. From the Home page, select Menu in the top-left corner and choose the Lab Tuition Remission App.

3. Under Complete a Request, select Submit for Tuition Remission.

4. The Create Request dialog box will pop up. In the Request Type field, enter Lab Tuition Remission, and select OK.

a. You can also use the Hamburger Menu (the icon with 3 dots and 3 dashes) to the right of the prompt box to find the request type. You need to choose All, and then Lab Tuition Remission.

5. You will be directed to the Lab Tuition Remission Benefit Application: Instructions and Application Form.

6. Carefully read the introductory text located on top of the screen explaining how to complete your application for Lab tuition remission.

7. Fill out all applicable fields in the form.

8. If required, upload your supporting documents at the bottom of the application. Start uploading your documents either by choosing Select Files and selecting the appropriate file from your computer, or by dragging and dropping the file into the gray box. To insert additional documents, select Upload and add your files. If you mistakenly uploaded an incorrect document, select the trash can icon.

9. Select Submit to complete the process. Once you have chosen this option, the request will be routed to the Lab team and Benefits team for approval.

10. You will receive a Workday notification and a system generated email letting you know if your application was approved or denied.

11. If you have questions, contact the Benefits Office by email at or by phone at (773) 702-9634.