Submitting Student Reimbursements Form in ServiceNow


This document outlines the steps to complete the Student Reimbursement Form via the Shared Services Portal.

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Keep In Mind

Student Reimbursement Form

1. Login to the Shared Services Portal.

2. Click on Service Catalog.

3. Select HR/Payroll for Employee & Students under the Service Categories menu.

4. Click on Student Reimbursement Request Form.

5. To access the form, click Request this Service.

6. Your name and department will appear under who is submitting this form and what is the submitter’s department.

a) If you would like someone to receive notifications of the status of this request, type their name in the textbox under who should be copied on this request. Otherwise keep the textbox blank.

7. Type the student’s name in the Student Name textbox.

a) After selecting the students name their Student ID number will appear.

8. Enter Payment Description (this is similar to the memo line of a check).

9. Using the dropdown select the number of FAS Details. This is the number of FAS Accounts being charged. You can select up to 3 FAS accounts. In our example we will select 1 FAS account.

10. Type the 6-digit FAS Account number in the FAS Account Number to be charged 1 textbox.

11. Enter the appropriate subaccount in the textbox FAS Sub Account Number to be charged.

12. In the dropdown for Authorized Signer 1, select the appropriate FAS Account approver.

13. Under Amount 1, type in the amount of the reimbursement.

a) Repeat steps 10-12, if there is more than one FAS Account being charged.

14. In the Payment Details textbox, provide a reasonable business purpose for the expense being reimbursed and any other notes for this payment.

15. Using the dropdown, select the type of reimbursement.

16. Click Add Attachments to include required documentation.

17. Click Submit. You have submitted the Student Reimbursement Form.

Required Documents

· Actual receipts or justification of reimbursement.

· *Student Certification for Business Related Reimbursement

*Not required if reimbursement is for a student organization activity

Information Required for Reimbursement

· Description of business purpose for expenditure being reimbursed.

· Business meal expenditure must include a listing of attendees. Groups of 10 or more may include group name instead of listing attendees.