Creating a Pre-Hire in Workday


This document provides HR Partners (HRPs) directions on how to create a pre-hire in Workday.

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Keep in Mind

· It is best practice to search Workday for the name of the candidate to avoid creating a duplicate record prior to starting the Create Pre-Hire business process and/or confirm if they were previously employed by UChicago or if they were students in the past.

· The UCAT Prefeed website can also be utilized to search for previously assigned Chicago IDs and CNET IDs.

· The information required to complete the process in Workday is:

· Candidate’s legal name.

· When hiring someone with a diacritical mark in their name (such as tildes (ñ), umlauts (ü), or acute accents (á), etc.), you should not use these marks when entering the worker’s name in Workday. Although Workday does accommodate the use of special characters, downstream systems on campus will not be able to process them, causing adverse impacts and preventing records from being processed in Payroll. A hyphen being included as part of a name is an acceptable character in Workday.

· Do not enter the prefix of “Dr.” unless the candidate has a medical license.

· Email address.

· Home address and phone number of the candidate are optional when creating a pre-hire.

· Education and Job History.

· Information from most recent position and highest degree earned is needed.

· For Academic hires:

· Prior to initiating the Create Pre-Hire business process, Academic HR Coordinators and Academic HR Partners must search for the candidate first to ensure they do not already have a record in Workday. If there is already a record, the Change Job process should be initiated instead. Please refer to the Changing a Job in Workday Knowledge Base Article for more information.

· The Case File should be submitted to the Division and to the Provost office concurrent to this process being initiated in Workday.


1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. In the search box at the top of the screen, type “Create Pre-Hire”, and select the suggested task that appears below the search box.

3. The Create Pre-Hire screen will show up.

a. Fill out the fields Source and Referred by if applicable.

b. Under the Legal Name Information tab, enter the First Name and Last Name. Fields identified with a red asterisk are required for submission.

i. If another pre-hire already exists with the same name and is available for hire, you will get an error. Check the Allow Duplicate Name box to create this pre-hire with the duplicate name.

c. Under the Contact Information tab, scroll to the Email section, select the Add button, enter the email address, and choose the Type (either Home or Work).

i. The pre-hire will be given the opportunity to review and update their contact information later, during the Onboarding process.

d. Select OK, and then Done.

i. You will get a Pre-Hire ID. You will use this unique identifier to search for your pre-hire.

4. To enter the pre-hire’s education and job history from their resume, type the Pre-Hire ID you got in the previous step in the search box at the top of the screen, and press Enter.

5. Using the Related Actions icon (the icon made of a small rectangle with three dots in the middle) to the right of the pre-hire’s name, hover over Talent, and select Edit Skills and Experience.

a. Navigate to the Job History tab to update this information. To add the job details for the pre-hire’s most recent position, insert a row by selecting the Plus (+) icon and fill out the Job Title, Company (Not Predefined), Start Date and End Date (if applicable) fields.

i. If the pre-hire’s resume only references month and year, use the first day of the month indicated when entering Start Date and End Date. If the pre-hire’s resume only references a year, please use January 1 as the month and date along with the listed year.

ii. If desired, and if the information is available in the pre-hire’s resume, you can fill out additional fields for the most recent position, or you can add more rows to record previous jobs.

b. Once the pre-hire’s job history has been entered, go to the Education tab to enter the information about the pre-hire’s highest degree received. To do so, insert a row by selecting the Plus (+) icon and fill out the Country, School (Predefined), Degree, Degree Received, Year Degree Received, and Field of Study fields.

i. If the school is not listed in the School (Predefined) field, use the School Name (Not Predefined) field instead.

ii. If desired, and if the information is available in the pre-hire’s resume, you can fill out additional fields for the highest degree received, or you can add more rows to record other degrees.

c. If you want to list Skills, navigate to the tab with this header, type in key words in the prompt box and hit Enter to search results.

d. If you need to input additional information, go to the appropriate tab (Internal Projects, Work Experience, Languages, Competencies, Certifications, Training, Achievements, and/or Professional Affiliations), and use the Plus (+) icon to insert rows for each record.

e. Select the OK button to complete the process.

i. If an error message presents itself after selecting OK, ensure that there are no rows of data with all fields empty within any of the tabs. To remove a row, select the Minus (-) icon at the start of the row.