Canceling a Business Process in Workday


This document provides HR Partners (HRPs) directions on how to cancel a business process in Workday.

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Keep in Mind

· Both HRPs and Academic HR Partners can cancel a business process that they have initiated and has not already been approved/completed.

· If you need to cancel a business process that has already been approved/completed, please contact the Service Desk at (773) 702-5800, or submit an Ask a Human Resources Question request to rescind the process.

· To cancel a business process, you need to identify the process to be canceled and provide a reason for the cancelation.

· Someone who is an HRP, and does not have any other roles assigned in Workday, can cancel the following business processes before the completion step:

· Add Additional Job.

· Change Default Compensation.

· Change Job.

· Close Job Requisition.

· Complete Federal Withholding Elections.

· Complete State and Local Withholding Elections.

· Contact Change.

· Contract Contingent Worker.

· Create Position.

· Edit Government IDs.

· Edit Hiring Restrictions.

· Edit ID Information.

· Edit Other IDs.

· Edit Position Restrictions.

· End Additional Job.

· End Contingent Worker Contract.

· Hire.

· Job Requisition.

· Job Requisition Change.

· Legal Name Change.

· Move Workers (Supervisory).

· Period Activity Pay.

· Personal Information Change.

· Request Compensation Change.

· Request Leave of Absence.

· Request One-Time Payment.

· Request Return from Leave of Absence.

· Request Time Off.

· Switch Primary Job.

· Termination.

· Title Change.


1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. Navigate to your Inbox by selecting the Mail icon in the top-right corner of the page, and then choose the Archive tab on the left side of the screen.

3. From within the Archive tab, select the business process you wish to cancel.

a. If the entire process (i.e., Create Position, Add Additional Job, Change Job, etc.) needs to be canceled, ensure that you select the Overall Process.

4. The View Event page for the chosen business process will display. Select the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen.

a. If the Cancel button is not available, even if the business process is listed above, it is probably because the process has already passed the completion step. Reach out to the Service Desk to rescind the process.

5. The Cancel Business Process page will show up.

6. You must enter the reason why you are canceling the business process. To do so, scroll to the bottom of the screen and use the Comments box to add this information.

7. Select Submit.

a. If you are canceling a business process that was performed on a specific worker, you can also navigate to the Worker History on the worker’s profile and choose the business process from this screen. You can select the View Worker History by Category button for a more organized view of all the business processes. Any process that is currently listed in a status of In Progress can be canceled. Please refer to the Viewing Worker History in Workday Knowledge Base Article for detailed instructions on how to access this section.