Workday Recruiting FAQs


This document includes Frequently Asked Questions as they pertain to Workday Recruiting.

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Keep in Mind

· For additional information on Workday Recruiting, please see the Managing Applicant Tracking in Workday Knowledge Base Article.

Recruiting Roles

1. What is the role of Primary Recruiter?

a. The role of the Primary Recruiter is to manage the recruiting pool. They take action on all processes within Workday regarding the applicant stages. Multiple Primary Recruiters can be assigned to a job requisition; more often it is the Human Resources Partner.  Recommend no more than two Primary Recruiters per Job Requisition.

2. What is the role of the Recruiting Screener?

a. The role of the Recruiting Screener is to review the applicant pool and provide feedback to the Primary Recruiter regarding who they would like to move forward or disposition.

3. Is there a limit on how many primary recruiters I can add for a position?

a. No; but it is recommended that it is limited to 2, since each person can take action.

4. Is there a limit on how many recruiting screeners I can add for a position?

a. No

5. Can I assign a guest user--someone who is not in Workday--as a Recruiter?

a. No; Workday does not have the functionality to add guest users’ due security. However, to be an active participant in the job search process any employee that is in Workday can be assigned a role of Primary Recruiter or Recruiting Screener.

6. What should I do if I am working with an external hiring consulting firm? Can I get Workday access for consultants involved in the process?

a. For the time being the primary recruiter will need to bundle and download the resumes and attachments of applicants and forward them to the external staffing agency. ***As a future enhancement we will be developing a long-term solution as non-UChicago employees cannot access Workday

Job Requisitions

1. How can I return to previous screens during the “create requisition” process?

a. Click “guide me” to walk through all previous screens.

2. Can I create my own job descriptions? Is there standard information that will appear in all job descriptions, as there was in UChicago Jobs?

a. There will be no standards until the job architecture project is completed. However, job descriptions must be crafted to follow the Job Posting Template found in HR Connect Workday Recruiting, which documents what information should be provided in the two standard fields in Workday; “Job Description” and “Additional Job Description Detail”.

3. Will jobs be posted on external job boards, other than the university’s listings within Workday? How can I arrange this if desired?

a. Jobs will automatically spider to Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC), Americas Job Exchange (AJE), Inside Higher Ed and Indeed. Departments my reach out to Shared Services for posting to additional external sites by completing the following form: External Job Board Postings

4. Can I identify if a position requires extra outreach prior to creating a requisition?

a. Yes; you can run the AAP Extra Outreach report, and search with the Job Profile.

5. Does the system accommodate cover letters? How can I request one if desired?

a. Yes; the system allows the applicant to upload additional documents, including a cover letter, writing sample, etc. However, the system only requires that the resume to be uploaded to submit the application.

6. Workday only requires that applicants upload one document, their resume, to submit their application. How can I ensure that applicants submit all the documents I have listed as required in the job posting (cover letters, writing samples, etc.)? How can I make reasonably clear that if they do not, they will be disqualified?

a. The final question on the application is “Did you review the job description to confirm that all relevant documentation has been attached?” The applicant is to indicate “Yes or No”. At this point, the applicant can go back and review the job description and application materials to ensure he has properly applied.

7. If I require a writing sample as part of an application, where in the job posting can I give details about this requirement?

a. Include these instructions in the “Additional Job Description” field. The section should be labeled, “Required Documents”. Please reference the Job Description Template for further details found on HR Connect Workday Recruiting.

8. Can I include salary range in the job posting?

a. Yes, if you choose to include the salary range, it should be included in the “Additional Job Description” field.  Note: Posting the salary range is required for all union positions.

Applicant Tracking

1. When in the application process should Primary Recruiters disposition applicants? Must I disposition after every stage of the process?

a. It is not required to disposition at every stage of the process; but it is required that the candidates are dispositioned. Note, if a candidate does not meet minimum qualifications, then that candidate must be dispositioned at the New Applicant Stage, to select the reason “does not meet minimum qualifications”. It is recommended that promising candidates are not dispositioned until the hire is complete; just in case the promising hire falls through.

2. Background checks for international applicants can take months. Is it possible for me to hire before a background check clears in special cases like this?

a. Yes, it is possible. In order move the process forward, the Primary Recruiter, will need to upload a Background Check Exception Letter as part of the candidate’s documents. Once uploaded, using the Workday Activity Stream, inform the Shared Services Recruitment Specialists that a letter was uploaded. After Shared Services confirms the documentation is uploaded, the Background Check Status will be updated to “Background Check Exception”, which will allow the “Ready for Hire” action to activate. Additional details and access to the letter can be found in the Background Check Exception Template Knowledge Base Article.

3. When I close a requisition, what happens to the applicant pool I have amassed? Will applicants receive an automatic notification that the position is no longer available? Will I continue to have access to the applicant pool in case my first hire does not work out and I need to hire someone else?

a. There are no automatically generated messages to the applicants, you must manually set-up messages to be sent to dispositioned candidates. You will, even after the position is unposted, still have access to the applicant pool (anyone you have not dispositioned), so you will not have to go through the entire recruitment process again.

4. What automatic notifications will applicants receive from the Workday system?

a. There are few messages that are sent automatically via Workday (see list below). However, the Primary Recruiter can send messages via Workday Recruiting directly to the applicant(s) via the saved templates.

i. Confirmation that the application has been received.

ii. When a background check has been initiated.

5. If I send a message to an applicant through Workday, where will that message go? Will the applicant be able to respond?

a. Any message you send an applicant will be sent to the email address they supplied with their application. You can choose in Workday to send the message from your own email or from the general Workday email.

6. Are applicants able to track the progress of their applications?

a. No; the only status detail they will see is “in progress” or “not hired.”

7. Do primary recruiters receive a notification when a candidate passes a background check?

a. You will automatically receive a report from Workday every day at 12p.m. including status details, but if you would like to know at some other time, you will need to run the report yourself.

8. What file types can be uploaded and parsed in Workday?

a. An applicant can upload either DOC, DOCX, HTML, PDF, or TXT file types (5MB max).

9. How can I move an inactive applicant back into the active applicant pool?

a. From the Job Requisition, the Primary Recruiter will select the candidate from the Inactive Pool. Then from the Related Actions off of the Candidate, select “Reactivate Job Application.”

10. Can I start reviewing candidates before the seven-day posting window is up?

a. You can start reviewing applications and moving candidates forward immediately as they come in; you simply cannot take down the posting until the seven days are up.

11. What documents do I need to retain for the job requisition?

a. All documents that were used throughout the search must be retained for three years. This includes, but is not limited to, resumes, cover letters, interview notes and assessment results.