Reviewing and Correcting Student Time Entry Errors in Workday


This document provides Human Resource Partners and Time Approvers common time entry errors made by student employees and how to correct the errors if they occur.

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Keep in Mind

· Due to the unique nature of student employment, clocking time worked can be prone to errors. This document outlines the most common errors that can occur with student positions and the steps needed to correct these errors.

· Time corrections can be made by the HRP or Time Approver.

· Student positions can be either exempt or non-exempt. Most student positions are paid on a bi-weekly basis (including exempt positions). Some exempt Graduate Student positions are paid monthly. These monthly paid positions are paid by a salary plan.

· Students assigned monthly pay schedule DO NOT enter time via Workday. These students are paid via a salary plan.

· Biweekly paid students in non-exempt roles will need to log time worked via one of the following methods. The respective department will direct the student on which method to utilize.

· Web Clock

· Swipe Clock

· Timesheet

· The Biweekly payroll deadline is 5:00PM the Monday before Payday, unless noted.

· The Monthly payroll deadline is 5:00PM the THIRD Wednesday of each month, unless noted.

· If time entries are submitted after the payroll closing date and time, submit a request to Shared Services to Ask a Payroll Question.

Common Time Entry Errors Made by Student Employees

1. Time Entry made to the wrong position.

a. Frequently, students hold more than one position at a time. When clocking in or out the student must select the correct position for accurate payroll and time-keeping.

2. Time Entry submitted for more than 20 hours per week.

a. Students cannot work more than 20 hours per week without approval.

i. EXCEPTION: For the summer quarter, a student can work up to 40 hours per week when they are not enrolled in class OR enrolled less than half-time.

b. Students who clock more than 20 hours per week must receive permission from:

i. Enrollment & Student Advancement Office for Undergraduate Students

ii. Area Dean of Students for Graduate Students

c. When the HRP notices a student is clocking more than 20 hours per week, the HRP must confirm permission is granted.

d. Workday will NOT prevent a student from logging more than 20 hours.

3. Time Entry submitted for a position with an expired end date.

4. Time Entry missing.

Correcting Common Time Entry Errors

      Time Entry Made to the Wrong Position

1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. From the Home page, select Menu in the top-left corner and further select the Team Time application.

3. Under the Actions column select Enter Time for Worker.

4. A new window will populate. Using the Hamburger Menu (icon with three dots and three lines) choose the Worker and Date that require time correction and select OK.

5. On the calendar dashboard, select the time entry that needs correction.

6. An Enter Time screen appears. Within the Position field, use the drop-down menu to select the correct position in which the time entry should be tied to.

7. Within the Comment field, add a note as to what action was taken and select OK.

Time Entry Submitted for More Than 20 Hours per Week

1. To confirm permission approval, log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. Navigate to the Employee’s Profile by typing their name or another unique identifier (Chicago ID, SSN, Employee ID, etc.) in the search box at the top of the screen. Select the appropriate suggested record that appears below the search box, or press Enter to run the complete search, and find the right employee.

a. Use the prefixes worker: or id: to refine the search results. For details on how to use prefixes, review the Workday Search Prefixes Knowledge Base Article.

3. From the Employee Profile, select the Personal tab and then select Documents located along the top of the tab.

4. Within the Documents page look for a file containing a Document Category of Student Hours over 20.

a. The file could be under a different Document Category such as Other Documents.

5. If a document containing permission is not found, the Human Resource Partner must contact the student to obtain approval and then upload the documentation to Workday. Review the Uploading Documents to Worker Profile in Workday Knowledge Base article for further instructions.

a. IMPORTANT: Workday will NOT prevent a student from logging more than 20 hours therefore the hours recorded must be paid. However, going forward the hours must not exceed 20 hours per week without permission

      Time Entry Submitted for a Position with an Expired End Date

· Students will not receive payment for time entered on an expired position. Extend the position end date using the Change Job business process. Please view the Changing a Job in Workday Knowledge Base article for additional information. When completing the job change, select Data Change: Change End Employment Date for the Why are you making this change field.

Time Entry Missing

· Students will not receive payment for time that is missing and not entered. Enter missing time using the Entering Time On Behalf of a Worker in Workday Knowledge Base article for additional information.

· Time should NOT be entered for Stipend and Student Reimbursement Recipient positions.