Approving Time Off Requests in Workday


This document explains how Time Approvers can review and approve time off requests submitted in Workday.

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Keep in Mind

· When you approve an absence, the worker’s schedule is automatically adjusted to show the absence.

· Employees can:

· Combine balances and request time off on any position

· Request time off in increments of one-half hour (0.5 hour)

· Request to use the accrual balance transfer process by completing the Paid Sick Leave Accrual Transfer form in the Services Portal

· Employees cannot have a negative accrual; the minimum accrual amount is 0.

· For exempt employees, only full day absences should be reported.

· Be aware of the Effective Date; Time Off balances will only include requests from the past (prior to the Effective Date indicated).

· Use the Time Off Details report in Workday to view a worker’s accruals by Pay Period.

Reviewing Time Off Requests

1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. Access your Workday Inbox through the mail icon at the top-right side of the page.

3. Locate and select the Time Off Request in your inbox.

a. If the task is delegated, choose Switch Account in the email to view and approve the task of behalf of your colleague.

i. To determine if you are in delegation mode look for a blue banner at the top of the page displaying On Behalf Of.

b. If the task is not delegated, open the Time Off Request.

4. Review the Time Off Request.

a. To review balances, select View Balances.

5. Approve, Send Back, or Deny the Time Off Request.

a. The worker will receive a message in their Notifications.

6. Select Done to complete the process.