Checklist for Departing University Staff


This document contains a checklist of things a departing University staff member needs to do when ending employment with the University.

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To-Dos: Before or On Your Last Day

To-Dos: Before or On Your Last Day



· Update primary address in Workday

· Verify accruals (PTO balances) - sick time is not paid out; only vacation/personal holidays

· Discuss with supervisor tasks that will be transitioned to other staff members

· Reconcile GEMS expenses and return card (if you have been given a GEMs card)

· Schedule an exit interview with the your unit HR Partner or the Shared Services Office

· Complete the optional exit survey and/or exit interview

· Return all University property, including badges, electronics, keys, and pay any debt

· Collect any personal items




· System and building access will be terminated at the end of the last day of employment with the University. Note: Workday self-service access will remain until April of the following year. You can use your current CNET ID and password to log into Workday.

· Adherence to the University’s Confidentiality Agreement continues after employment ends per UChicago Policy 601 Treatment of Confidential Information

· Final paycheck will be delivered in the same manner as previous paychecks, or it will be mailed if your bank information has changed.

· W-2 information will be available in Workday until April of the following year.

· Verification of employment at the University can be obtained by following the steps outlined on the Employment Verification Page found here.

· For questions related to retirement savings or medical insurance, contact the Shared Services Office at or at 773-702-5800.

· Information related to COBRA, can be found on the University’s HR website here.

· For employees on a work visa, please consider notifying the Office Of International Affairs to discuss any outstanding items

Employee Acknowledgement

I certify that I have completed the above tasks, returned all University property, and reconciled all University debts. I acknowledge my obligation to adhere to the University’s Confidentiality Agreement after my employment at the University has ended.

___________________                      _______________

Employee Signature                            Date


HR Partner/Supervisor Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that the employee has returned all University property.

___________________                      _______________

HR Partner or Supervisor Signature      Date