BuySite Invoice - Frequently Asked Questions

Invoice Process

Q: Why did the invoice process change?

A: BuySite Invoicing has multiple benefits including –

Q: Can I see historic invoices in BuySite?

A: Any invoices that were received prior to Dec. 3, 2018 will not be available in BuySite and you will need to contact the Shared Services Office at 773.702.5800 to get status of the invoice.

Q: How long will invoices be available in BuySite?

A: Once an invoice is uploaded into BuySite, the invoice will be available for search and review.

Q: Why am I sending an invoice to an address in Indiana when the University is located in Chicago?

A: We are using a third-party vendor who is digitizing our invoices. We chose a billing address near our third-party scanning service to help reduce processing time.

Q: I received an invoice, where can I send it?

A: Send an electronic version of the invoice to

Please note:

Q: I see two invoice numbers, which number do I reference?

A: When the invoice is created in BuySite, the system automatically generates a BuySite system invoice number. This internal invoice number reflected begins with “API”. The API number can be referenced internally and is useful when searching for an invoice within the BuySite system. 

You can also see a number referred to as the Supplier Invoice Number, this is the invoice number the vendor supplies and should be used when talking with the vendor.

Q: Why did my After-the-Fact PO (ATF PO) get rejected?

A: An ATF POs will be rejected if the document attached is not an invoice. If you attach a “statement” or “quote” instead of an “invoice”, it will be rejected.  Please submit the proper document to move forward. 

To find out the reason for the rejection, check the comments tab found on the requisition.

Q: I can’t find an invoice, how do I search for the invoice?

A: Use this link to view the job aid BuySite: How to Search Documents.

Q: How long will it take for an invoice to be visible in BuySite?

A: Once the invoice is received at, it can take 3-5 business days for the invoice to be visible in BuySite.

Q: Who has visibility to see our invoices/requisitions in BuySite?

A: PO Creators, users listed in the Prepared for field, and Authorized Signers listed on the account being charged all have visibility to view requisitions and invoices. 

Note–only the person who is assigned as the invoice approver can take action to approve the invoice.

Q: What do I do if I need the payment sent via wire?

A: Contact Shared Services and the will assist you.


Q: What happens with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) vendors?

A: All but four EDI vendors will have invoices available in BuySite. The only EDI vendors that will not be visible are Grainger, FedEx, Barnes and Noble, and Best Vendors.

Q: What if you do not receive what you ordered?

A: We ask that you contact the vendor to track the order. You may place the invoice on hold until you receive the product. If you experience further issues or have any questions, add a comment on the order and send it to the Shared Services Office.

Q: What if there is a problem with your order (example- received wrong product, received broken product, have not received product)?

A: Contact the vendor and find out their suggested next steps. If you experience further issues, add a comment on the order and send it to the Shared Services Office.

Q: The invoice is in Payable Status, when will the vendor get paid?

A: The University will send payment to the vendor based on the negotiated Net Terms.  Typically, this is 45 days from invoice date, but could vary based off contractual agreements or Grant Account requirements.

Q: I requested a credit memo from the vendor. How do I know if the credit was applied?

A: When a credit memo is applied to an invoice, the PO creator will receive a credit memo notification from BuySite.  The University will adjust the next payment sent to the vendor. 

When the credit is applied the University will credit the FAS Account associated to the credit memo.

Q: The vendor calls for payment status, where should I refer them to obtain this information?

A: All PO Creators and Authorized Signers can provide vendors payment details by searching for pay status. Vendors can also contact the Shared Services Office at 773.702.5800 and select option 4 or via email with payment status questions.

Q: Where should I refer the vendor for assistance regarding payment remittance?

A: If the vendor needs more clarification about payment remittance, please ask them to contact the Shared Services Office at 773.702.5800 and select option 4 or via email


Approving Invoice

Q: Where can I find available resources and training opportunities?

A: All training resources can be found on the Procurement Services website or the Shared Services Portal’s Knowledge Base.

Q: The status of my invoice says “Unmatched”. What should I do?

A: An invoice with an “unmatched” status means that the line total on the invoice exceeded the line total on the PO. As the approver, you should review this discrepancy between the PO and invoice to determine if it is okay to pay or not. 

Click here, to learn how to approve an Unmatched Invoice.

Q: The status of my Invoice says Matched.  What should I do?

A: If you are notified that your approval is needed for an invoice that is “matched,” please- verify that you received the good/service and that it is in good working condition prior to approving the invoice for payment.  The PO owner need to approve matched invoices for POs that are greater than $5,000.

If you experience further issues, add a comment on the order and send it to the Shared Services Office. Click here, to learn how to approve a matched invoice.

Q: I received an email notification that I need to approve an invoice, what does this mean?

A: There are two reasons you need to approve an invoice. (1) The line total on the invoice exceeded the line total on the PO. Before the invoice is paid you need to confirm this $ discrepancy is legitimate.  (2) The invoice is for a PO with a value greater than $5,000.  For these high dollar value orders, you need to confirm that the invoice is okay to pay.  You should review this discrepancy between the PO and invoice to determine if it is okay to pay or not. 

You received this notification because you initiated the request for purchase or you are listed as the prepared for on a request for purchase.

Q: I am a Requisitioner in BuySite and not an Approver, why do I need to approve an invoice?

A: With the December 2018 BuySite Enhancements, all PO invoices are now processed and paid through BuySite. 

When an invoice does not match a PO or when the PO value is greater than $5,000, a request for approval is sent to the person who initiated the request for purchase or the person listed in the prepared for field on the request for purchase. This is known as the PO Creator

For future reference, an invoice approver is different than a requisition approver. 

Q: I have a reject line item, is this included in the total invoice amount?

A: This amount was removed from the invoice and will not be paid out. This rejected invoice line will be reflected with a red X next to the PO line item. The final total of the invoice will not include this charge. 

Q: I’m an Authorized Signer listed on the invoice, why am I getting an error when trying to approve the invoice.

A: There can be two reasons you might not be able to approve the invoice: 

Q: How can I see the PO against which the invoice is charged?

A: The PO number is listed in multiple areas on the invoice. A common place you will find the PO number is under the Line Item Details section of the Invoice. Any place the PO is listed, you can click on the PO number to access the PO details.

Q: What is the workflow after I approve the invoice?

A: There are different workflow steps depending on the status of the invoice: