Navigating the Career App and Applying for a UChicago Job in Workday – Internal Candidate


This document provides current employees with instructions on navigating the Career App, applying for UChicago jobs, and managing applications within Workday.

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Keep in Mind

· When applying to a position, information from the Career Profile will be retrieved to populate application details. If desired, this profile can be updated prior to initiating an application. For guidance on updating the profile, please refer to the Updating your Career Profile in Workday Knowledge Base Article.

· Please note that while maintaining an updated Career Profile can simplify the application process by reducing data entry, it is NOT REQUIRED prior to beginning an application.

· When completing an application, employees have the flexibility to fill out or modify fields and add or remove sections as necessary. This flexibility allows them to tailor the application to highlight information relevant to the position they are applying for.

· Any changes made will ONLY affect the specific application and will NOT impact the Career Profile, unless explicitly indicated by checking the Replace the Education/Experience/Skills information in my profile with this information boxes located at the bottom of each applicable section in the application form.

· An updated resume is required to apply for a UChicago job. Additional documents may be needed, depending on the application requirements noted on the job requisition.


1. Log into Workday using your CNetID and password.

2. Select Menu in the top-left corner and choose the Career App.

3. Upon accessing the App, the UChicago Jobs panel will appear on the left side of the screen.

a. To adjust screen space, collapse or expand this panel using the Collapse/Expand Navigation icon, which is represented by an arrow next to a vertical line.

4. The panel consists of four main tabs for navigating the Career App, encompassing all necessary functionality for submitting and managing job applications:

a. Overview – This serves as the default landing page upon accessing the App. It consists of two sections:

i. Recently Added Jobs – This area displays 9 cards with the latest posted positions. Select the View Job button at the bottom of a card to open the View Posting Job Details screen and review the job description in full.

ii. Recent Applications – This section displays cards for any draft or active applications. To continue filling out a form or view a submitted application, use the Continue Application and View Application buttons located at the bottom of each card, respectively. To access both active and inactive applications, select the View All Applications button.

b. Find UChicago Jobs – This section provides a list of all posted positions within UChicago. To find a position, there are two search options available:

i. Search by Keywords:

1. Enter the search criteria in the search bar and select Search.

ii. Search by Filters:

1. Utilize the filters (Job Category, Job Family, Job Profile, Organization, Primary Location, Time Type, and/or Worker Type) on the left-hand side to choose the desired criteria. The results will update automatically based on the selected filters.

c. My Applications – This section displays all Active (draft and submitted) and Inactive applications. Each table shows various application details, including Last Edited Date or Submitted Date, Job Title, Job Requisition, Application Status, and more. Use the horizontal scroll bar to access the last column of each table. This column, titled Manage Application, allows employees to take actions related to their applications:

i. For draft applications, options include Continue Application or Delete Application.

ii. For submitted active applications, options include View Application and Withdraw Application.

iii. For inactive applications, the only available action is View Application.

d. Suggested Links – This section includes hyperlinks to several resources and tasks, such as:

i. Accessibility Interaction Overview – Provides a detailed list of how Workday supports users of assistive technology.

ii. Knowledgebase Article – Grants access to our extensive library of HR, Payroll, and Benefits support articles tailored to assist the community in completing tasks in Workday independently.

iii. Applicant Inquiries – This form can be used to request assistance with application-related questions or to submit inquiries about a UChicago job posting.

iv. Withdraw Application – Offers the ability to select and withdraw job applications.

5. To initiate the application process, after accessing the Career App, navigate to the Find UChicago Jobs tab from the UChicago Jobs left-side panel.

a. Search for a position using keywords or filters. Once a position is identified, select its title to review the job description and details. When ready, select Apply.

b. Read the instructions provided at the top of the page.

c. Please note that Contact Information is retrieved from the employee profile and the Phone Number field may be empty and is non-editable. The best practice is to include this information on the resume.

d. Edit the Experience, Education, Certifications, Language and Skills sections as necessary. Make sure to fill out required fields (indicated by a red asterisk) when applicable. Use the Add and/or Remove buttons to insert important information, or to delete irrelevant data, to customize the application for the position.

i. Important reminder: changes made in the application do not affect the Career Profile unless explicitly indicated. To update the Career Profile with the information entered in the application, check the Replace the Education/Experience/Skills information in my profile with this information boxes located at the bottom of each corresponding section.

ii. If desired/required, add documents under the Education and Certifications sections by uploading files using the Attachments boxes. Documents can be uploaded either by choosing Select Files and selecting a file from your computer, or by dragging and dropping the file into the gray box. To insert additional documents, select Upload and add the files. If an incorrect document was mistakenly uploaded, select the trash can icon.

e. Once all sections are complete and accurate, navigate to the Resume / Cover Letter section, and upload ALL required application materials (e.g., resume, cover letter, writing sample, etc.) listed in the Application Documents section of the job description. Follow the same actions as outlined in the previous step for adding documents.

f. Answer all questions in the Internal Recruiting Questionnaire.

g. Review each section to ensure accuracy. Applications cannot be edited after submission. If everything is correct and all required documents are uploaded, select Submit.

6. To track application status and manage applications, access the Career App, navigate to the My Applications tab from the UChicago Jobs left-side panel, and follow the instructions provided in step 4.c.