Hiring Employees from a Competitive Search in Workday


This document provides HR Partners (HRPs) directions on how to hire employees from a competitive search in Workday.

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Keep in Mind

· Human Resources Policy 202 – Talent Acquisition and Policy 203 – Temporary Employment must be adhered prior to initiating the Hire process.

· Hiring from a competitive search occurs when the position was posted and is common for the staff worker sub-type.

· As of June 28, 2021, all UChicago staff, seasonal, and temporary staff positions must have an associated job requisition in order to complete the Hire, Add Additional Job, or Change Job processes.

· Background check and employment eligibility are completed during the Recruiting process in Workday. Once these steps are cleared, the candidate can be moved to the Ready for Hire stage. The Hire process initiates automatically after that.

· It is best practice to search Workday for the name of the employee to avoid a duplicate hire prior to starting the Hire business process. If the individual already has an active record in Workday, initiate the Change Job or the Add Additional Job business process instead. Please review the Avoiding Duplicate Hires in Workday Knowledge Base Article for more information on how to determine if a worker already exists in Workday.

· Starting the Hire process for a current employee has the potential to create two records for the same person.

· Completing the Change Job or the Add Additional Job process will bypass the Onboarding process which, if the employee is already in Workday, has already been completed.

· There must be an approved unfilled position with appropriate attributes available in the supervisory organization in which the employee will be hired. It is important to remember that a position exists in Workday independent of a worker.

· The information required to complete the Hire process in Workday is:

· Start and end date (if a fixed term employee).

· Scheduled weekly hours.

· Compensation and hire details.

· Costing allocation details (FAS Account/Sub Account – soon to be known as COA/POETAF).

· Chicago ID.

· The UCAT Prefeed website should be used to find or create Chicago IDs for new hires. It is a good idea to search in UCAT for the Chicago ID before creating a new one, because new hires may already have a Chicago ID in UCAT.

· If backfilling a position that hasn’t yet been vacated, make sure to check the Is this position available for overlap? box when processing the Termination or Change Job business process. This will allow temporarily putting more than one worker in a position.

· To see where the Hire business process is sitting, navigate to the Archive tab of your Inbox and select any of the tasks, related to the process, that have been submitted. The View Event screen will display. In the Overall Process field, select Hire: Employee Name, and go to the Process tab where the details of the business process history (including the step, the status, and the person who is assigned to the task) are displayed.

· If a mistake is made in any of the tasks after submission, contact the individual(s) who are responsible for the next step of the business process. They may be able to send the process back to you to correct. If the process has moved on to a central role, contact the Service Desk at (773) 702-5800, or submit an Ask a Human Resources Question request.

· Alternatively, canceling the business process can be completed by using the Related Actions icon (the icon made of a small rectangle with three dots in the middle) to the right of the process name. Hover over Business Process and then select Cancel.

· If the new hire does not show up to work (i.e., a no call no show), contact the Service Desk at (773) 702-5800, or submit an Ask a Human Resources Question request so that they may rescind the Hire process.


1. Log into Workday using your CNET ID and password.

2. To hire an employee for a position that was POSTED through Workday Recruiting:

a. Navigate to your Inbox by selecting the Mail icon in the top-right corner of the page, and then choose the Hire inbox task on the left side of the screen.

i. Take into consideration that along the Hire business process some of the content auto-populates with data from the Job Requisition or with information previously entered during the Offer stage (sometimes this content is highlighted in gray). If required, update the information.

b. The Revise Employee Hire screen will display.

i. Review the Hire Date and Reason fields, as well as the Job Details, Working Time, and Additional Information sections to confirm accuracy and make changes if needed.

1. Hire dates in the past can be entered; however, always strive to meet the I-9 compliance regulations (employees should be properly verified within 3 business days of hire).

2. To bridge service date for employees that were previously laid off or were formerly employed by the Medical Center or affiliate, indicate this in the comments section. Benefits will ensure the service dates are bridged.

3. Update the Location and Work Space fields if known (i.e., the specific building and the office, cubicle, lab, or other campus area where the new hire will be working). This information can be modified later, once the Hire process is complete. Please refer to the Managing Work Location in Workday Knowledge Base Article to review instructions on how to do it.

4. Ensure the Default Weekly Hours and the Scheduled Weekly Hours are updated accurately to calculate the correct FTE (Full-Time Equivalent).

a. Default Weekly Hours represent full-time hours at the University of Chicago. Default Weekly Hours should either be 37.5 (for salary employees) or 40 (for hourly employees).

b. Scheduled Weekly Hours reflect the number of hours an employee is scheduled to work each week.

5. For fixed term employees, review and/or enter an End Employment Date in the appropriate field under the Additional Information section.

ii. Select Submit.

c. A dialog box will pop up with the next task (Change Organization Assignments) to complete. Select Open.

i. If the dialog box disappears, select the Refresh button on the top-left side of the Inbox page or select the Mail icon in the top-right corner of the page, and then choose the Assign Organizations: Hire task on the left side of the screen.

d. The Change Organization Assignments screen will display.

i. Review the information listed in the Organizations section and select the Pencil icon to modify any of the fields if necessary.

1. If UChicago HRMS Department account is not defaulted as desired, please update.

2. If the worker is affiliated with an established external organization (i.e., Argonne, Fermi Lab, Marine Biological Lab, etc.), please indicate it in the Affiliated Organization field.

3. Check FAS Account and FAS Sub Account (soon to be known as COA & POETAF) for accuracy. Enter only ONE FAS Account and ONE FAS Sub Account at this point as these accounts will be the default accounts for the position. The opportunity to enter additional accounts or overrides will occur during the Assign Costing Allocations step.

4. If applicable, enter one or more values in the Time and Absence Management Handling field. Refer to the Changing Organization Assignments in Workday Knowledge Base Article for details on completing this field.

ii. Select Submit.

e. A dialog box will pop up with the next task (Propose Compensation Hire) to complete. Select Open.

i. If the dialog box disappears, select the Refresh button on the top-left side of the Inbox page or select the Mail icon in the top-right corner of the page, and then choose the Propose Compensation Hire task on the left side of the screen.

f. The Propose Compensation Hire screen will display.

i. Review all fields in the Compensation section to confirm accuracy and make changes if needed using the Pencil icon.

1. Do not edit the Guidelines segment, because it displays the pay grade and is autogenerated by job profile.

a. If offering a pay rate that is outside (below or above) of the Total Base Pay Range, provide justification in the Comment box. HR-Compensation will review justification for pay rates that are outside of their base pay range.

2. Exempt job profiles can ONLY have a Salary compensation plan. Non-exempt job profiles can ONLY have an Hourly compensation plan.

a. If entering compensation for a worker in the Salary plan, enter a monthly amount. If entering compensation for a worker in the Hourly plan, enter an hourly amount.

i. Only edit the Amount, do not change the Currency or the Frequency.

b. For fixed term employees enter an Actual End Date. To do so, go either to the Salary or to the Hourly section (depending on the job profile), and select the small blue arrow to the left of the Additional Details header to expand this segment and add the information.

3. If the employee will receive lump sum compensation over a period of time (term appointment), please leave all fields at this step blank. You will be asked to provide these details at the Add Period Activity Pay step.

a. To delete pre-populated information, use the Cross icon to the right of the section you want to remove.

4. If an academic hire, the Assignment Details information may populate in the Allowance section.

a. If no allowances will be administered, hover over each plan assignment row and select the X to delete out the plan.

i. The Propose Compensation step cannot be submitted without removing any unused plan rows.

b. If allowances will be administered, use an existing plan row to enter the monthly allowance amount or add another allowance plan by selecting the Add button.

i. All allowance plans must have Actual End Dates entered.

ii. After the review and editing is complete, select Submit.

g. At this point, the process is routed to the Budget Partner for approval. Once the proposed compensation is approved, the Edit Other IDs task will show in your Inbox. Select the Mail icon in the top-right corner of the page to go to your Inbox and find this task on the left side of the screen.

h. The Edit Other IDs screen will display.

i. Go to the Proposed IDs section and insert a new row by selecting the Plus (+) icon under the column Other IDs.

1. Select Chicago ID as the Other ID Type, and paste the Chicago ID found and/or created in UCAT into the Identification # field.

a. To create or search for a Chicago ID, go to the UCAT Prefeed website.

ii. Select Approve.

i. A dialog box will pop up with the next task (Assign Costing Allocation for Hire) to complete. Select Open.

i. If the dialog box disappears, select the Refresh button on the top-left side of the Inbox page or select the Mail icon in the top-right corner of the page, and then choose the Costing Allocation for Hire task on the left side of the screen.

j. The Assign Costing Allocation for Hire Employee screen will display.

i. Under the Costing Allocation Details section, choose the Costing Allocation Level using the drop-down menu.

1. Most of the time, select the Worker and Position level. If e funding a specific earning for the employee differently than the rest of their salary, select the Worker, Position and Earning level of costing allocations and choose the Earning type. In this situation, the costing allocations for the earning will need to be set up first, and then another costing allocation will need to be assigned at the Worker and Position level so that the remainder of the salary has costing allocations assigned. For more information, see the Assigning Costing Allocations in Workday Knowledge Base Article.

ii. Select the Add button to enter costing allocations.

1. Enter the End Date (all employees, excluding staff and tenured faculty, must have end dates assigned to their costing allocations).

2. Insert rows as needed by selecting the Plus (+) icon.

a. Use the field under the Worktags column to type in the FAS Account and the FAS Sub Account (soon to be known as COA & POETAF) to override the default account values previously selected on the Change Organization Assignments task.

i. This step allows the default funding to be overridden entirely, or only a portion, with alternative accounts of the default funding.

ii. Multiple accounts and sub accounts may be entered to fund a position or an earning.

b. Under the Distribution Percent column, type in the percentage of the salary or earning that will be paid from the specified account and sub account. The total must equal 100%.

c. Regardless of funding source or number of sources, all employees who receive compensation through Workday payroll are required to have costing allocations assigned.

3. Select Submit when complete.

k. The process is routed to the employee to complete the following Onboarding tasks in Workday: Enter Personal Information, Enter Contact Information, Change Emergency Contacts, Edit Government IDs, Change Self-Identification of Disability, Change Veteran Status Identification, Complete Federal Withholding Elections, Complete State and Local Withholding Elections, Change Year-End Tax Document Printing Options, Complete Questionnaire, Review Documents, and Complete Form I-9.

i. Employees will receive a notification from Workday to the email address that was entered with their job application. The notification will include information on how to activate their CNET ID and how to log into Workday.

ii. Employees will be able to log into Workday using their CNET ID and password. CNET IDs will be populated in Workday by 10AM, 2PM and 5PM Central Time.

iii. Employees should be encouraged to complete Onboarding tasks before the end of their first day in their position. It is a good practice to provide workers with the Onboarding Tasks in Workday for New Hires Knowledge Base Article to aid in the process.

iv. Foreign Nationals who do not have a Social Security Number or ITIN will enter their placeholder ID. You will need to reach out to Payroll Services for a placeholder ID assignment or generate one from UCAT.

v. Foreign Nationals who are not U.S. Citizens nor Permanent Residents will receive an additional task to upload document UPP-192 Alien Determination of Residency. The UPP-192 is a paper form. It is recommended you distribute the document to these workers prior to the start of the onboarding process so they have the form to upload. If the employee is a rehire and visa information is still valid, no upload is required.

vi. If the employee is having issues logging into Workday to complete Onboarding tasks, please ensure that the Chicago ID was entered accurately. To do so, go to the employee’s profile, select Personal on the left-side of the page, and choose the IDs tab.

1. If the Chicago ID is incorrect, from the employee’s profile, select the Actions button under their name and title, hover over Personal Data, and choose Edit Other IDs. Update the ID under the Identification # column and select Submit.

· If the Chicago ID is correct, contact the Service Desk at (773) 702-5800, or submit an Ask a Human Resources Question request for assistance with troubleshooting.

l. After the employee submits Onboarding tasks, a task in your Inbox to review Form I-9 will appear. Select the Mail icon in the top-right corner of the page to go to your Inbox and choose the Complete Form I-9 on the left side of the screen.

m. The Review Form I-9 screen is next.

i. Review Section 1. Employee Information and Attestation for completeness and accuracy.

1. If mistakes are found while going through the first section, select the Send Back button at the bottom of the page to send Form I-9 back to the employee for them to correct. Use the comment box to indicate why the form is being sent back. The employee will receive an action item in their Inbox to make corrections and submit the task again.

ii. Complete Section 2. Employer or Authorized Representative Review and Verification. This part must be completed and signed within 3 business days of the employee's first day of employment.

1. Fill out the fields in the appropriate section (List A, or List B AND List C) depending on the type of document(s) presented by the employee.

a. Employees must present unexpired documentation that establishes their identity and employment authorization. The USCIS has established 3 Lists of Acceptable Documents: List A (documents that show both identity and employment authorization), List B (documents that show identity only) and List C (documents that show employment authorization only). Workers may present either one selection from List A or a combination of one selection from List B and one selection from List C.

b. Physically examine the unexpired document(s) the employee presents from the Lists of Acceptable Documents to complete the fields in Section 2.

iii. Enter the Employee's First Day of Employment (this field is right above the Signature of Employer or Authorized Representative section header).

iv. Go to the Signature of Employer or Authorized Representative section, review all fields for accuracy and edit if needed. Check the I Agree box.

1. If the I-9 completion is overdue, Workday will activate the field Overdue Reason under this section to provide a justification for not complying with the deadline.

v. Attach the required supporting documentation in the Attachment section at the bottom of the screen. Start uploading documents either by choosing Select Files and selecting the appropriate file from your computer, or by dragging and dropping the file into the gray box. To insert additional documents, select Upload and add your files. If you mistakenly uploaded an incorrect document, select the Trash Can icon.

n. A dialog box pop up will display with the next task (Final U.S. Employment Verification Status) to complete. Select Open.

i. If the dialog box disappears, select the Refresh button on the top-left side of the Inbox page or select the Mail icon in the top-right corner of the page, and then choose the Complete Form I-9 task on the left side of the screen.

o. The Final U.S. Employment Verification Status screen will show up.

i. Go to the Verification section and enter or change the U.S. Employment Verification Status and the Final E-Verify Case Number.

1. For non E-Verify cases, select Employment Authorized as the employment verification status, and enter N/A in the Comment section.

p. The Shared Services Office will complete the next step: Assign Pay Group. Payroll receives any compensation for processing on the next applicable pay period. After the pay group is assigned, the process routes to a Benefits Partner for the Update Benefits Annual Rate task.

q. Once this step is completed, the Add Period Activity Pay task in appear in your Inbox (if applicable).

i. The recommended use for period activity pay is for compensation that is not scheduled to last 12 months or more in duration. Caution should be used when using period activity pay as the means for compensating an employee. If a salary plan with monthly pay or a one-time payment could be used to compensate the employee, please be advised that these methods are preferable due to the flexibility in altering the terms of the compensation later.

ii. If period activity pay must be used, please ensure that the Start Payment Date indicates the current date or a future date.

iii. If no period activity pay will be administered, skip the task.

1. To skip this task, select the Gear icon on the top-right section of the screen and select Skip this Task. Indicate the reason for skipping the task in the Skip Reason box.

2. It is important to act on this task as soon as possible, to allow seamless continuity of the process.

r. Finally, the Hire business process goes back to the employee to complete the last 3 tasks: Add Payment Elections, Change Benefits Elections, and Enroll in cAlert/UCM Everbridge system notifications.

i. Benefits eligible employees have 31 days from their hire date to elect benefits.