Freezing a Position in Workday


This document provides HR Partners (HRPs) directions on how to freeze a position in Workday.

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Keep in Mind

· It is appropriate to freeze a position to stop any incoming staffing activity from occurring.

· Once a position is frozen, it will be removed from the Staffing tab within the Supervisory Organization profile screen, and will appear in the Unavailable to Fill tab.

· Positions can be unfrozen if necessary.

· The information required to complete the process in Workday is:

· The title of the position.

· Effective date of the freeze.


1. Log into Workday using your CNetID and password.

2. Find the supervisory organization by typing in the prefix org: and the name of the supervisory organization in the search box at the top of the screen, and then press the Enter key. A list of results associated with your search criteria will populate. Select the desired result.

3. From the Supervisory Organization screen, select the Staffing tab to display open positions.

4. Find the position to freeze, select the Related Actions icon (the icon made of a small rectangle with three dots in the middle) to the right of the position’s name, hover over Position Restrictions and choose Manage Position Freeze.

5. The Manage Position Freeze screen will display.

a. Use the Hamburger Menu (the icon with 3 dots and 3 dashes) to the right of the corresponding prompt box to select the Freeze/Unfreeze Reason.

b. Enter the Freeze/Unfreeze Date by using the calendar icon or typing in a date in the corresponding prompt box.

c. Check the Frozen box to freeze the position.

6. Once all changes have been made, select Submit. A message indicating the process has been successfully completed will pop up.

7. The position will now be listed under the Unavailable to Fill tab within the Supervisory Organization screen. To unfreeze the position, repeat the steps described above (from step 4). Select Unfreeze>Unfreeze Position as the reason and uncheck the Frozen box.