Correcting Time as a Timesheet User in Workday


This document provides timesheet users (biweekly employees only) directions on how to correct their time in Workday.

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Keep in Mind

· Biweekly employees are responsible for reporting their time (this category includes staff, students, and temporary workers). All biweekly workers can use Workday to record their time, report absences, view accruals, and request time off. These workers can be classified into three groups:

· Web clock users – These employees check in and out directly from the Timely Suggestions section on the Workday Home page, or by accessing the Time App.

· Time clock users – These workers record their time by swiping their UChicago cards at a time clock device.

· Timesheet users – These employees record their worked hours via a timesheet.

· Timesheet users can correct their time as long as the time has not been paid.

· If adjustments need to be made for any previously entered time, necessary corrections can be completed by accessing the Time App.

· All corrections must be submitted again for approval.


1. Log into Workday using your CNetID and password.

2. From the Home page, choose Menu in the top-left corner and select the Time App.

3. Under the Enter Time menu, choose between This Week, Last Week or Select Week.

a. If Select Week is chosen, either type in a specific date or use the calendar icon to choose one.

4. The timesheet for the chosen period will appear. Select the time block corresponding to the day that requires correction.

5. The Enter Time dialog box will show up.

a. Edit the In and/or Out fields to correct the time as needed.

b. Select OK to save the changes and return to the timesheet.

6. The corrected time block will now display on the timesheet, and it must be submitted for approval. To do so, select Review on the bottom right-side corner of the page.

7. The Submit Time confirmation screen will appear on the right side of the screen, displaying the date range and total hours. Review these details, and if applicable, enter comments in the Comments section. Then, select Submit. A message indicating the process has been successfully completed will pop up.

8. The timesheet will now display the time blocks with a status of Submitted.